There’s simply nothing like The Complete EIN Library … anywhere!

Ready to take your sermons or Bible studies to a level of effectiveness your audience has never expected? We can help … by providing incredible images and video clips from Israel, and Google Earth video clips to fly you there!

Our Complete EIN Library offers more than 4.5 hours of short video clips from dozens of sites in Israel. These are professionally recorded, high-definition clips ready for you to turn into short clips that will “take” your audience to the site of the biblical passage you’ve chosen.

Telling the story of David and Goliath? Take your audience to the valley where the battle happened!

Preaching on the calling of the first disciples? Why not show your audience the shoreline of Capernaum, with boats sailing across the Sea of Galilee in the background?Complete Library ad

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Click to enlarge this summary of the nine ready-to-go presentations included in the EIN Complete Library.

Need to illustrate one of Paul’s missionary journeys? Go to Caesarea, the port city where his journeys were launched!

The possibilities are endless, and the resources are finally in hand for you to use.

Not all that familiar with movie-editing software? We’ve got nine ready-to-go presentations included in this package! Follow the suggestions in our video tutorials, and you’ll soon have a series of Bible lessons unlike any you’ve ever produced!

Don’t miss the unique nature of this product. There are lots of videos already available with someone else using the land of the Bible to illustrate great biblical truths. Now you can finally be the teacher in front of the video.

It’s all packed into a 32GB thumb drive, and it’s yours for just $99, shipping included. As is the case for every product sold at EIN, it comes with a money-back guarantee. If this library isn’t everything you thought it would be, just let us know and we’ll give you a full refund. But you can keep the 32GB thumb drive, even if you want a refund! Order it here.

In order to use these clips and photographs most effectively, you’ll need to be familiar with presentation software and movie editing software. Thankfully, most programs like PowerPoint, Keynote, ProPresenter and MediaShout are drag-and-drop easy. And once you get the hang of it, visual images from the land of the Bible will bring your message into high-definition clarity!

An incredible tool for apologetics

The land of the Bible is one of the greatest tools of preaching and Bible teaching today. You cannot use Google Earth video clips with any other religious book in history! In the Bible, however, you can travel to actual sites where historical events took place on practically every page. While our Complete EIN Library has a few Google Earth clips already included, we’re also ready to help you learn how to make your own Google Earth video clips.

Use these video resources enough, and your audience will soon discover what travelers to Israel have come to know: The Bible is a trustworthy source of factional information!

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