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Can’t get to Israel? We’ll come to you!

While it’s incredible to visit Israel, the vast majority of people who’d love to go will never get a chance to visit the Middle East. That’s where Experience Israel Now can help.
EIN Presentations SubjectsAndy Cook has spoken to thousands of people about the “Secrets from the Ancient Paths,” lessons learned from the land of the Bible. Using Google Earth technology and high-definition video from Israel, he’s not a teacher in the video … he’s a teacher in front of the video! It’s a novel concept, but these virtual tours are much more than entertaining presentations of biblical material. His application of Bible truths will stay with an audience long after he packs up his screen and projector and heads back to Israel.

Jim Showers, executive director of Friends of Israel, says it’s “unlike anything I’ve ever seen.” J. Robert White, executive director of the Georgia Baptist Convention, says, “It’s the next best thing to being there.” See more recommendations here.

The presentations utilize rear-screen projection on one of two screens (12-by-7 feet or 16-by-9 feet), all with high-definition video, new drone video, still shots and Google Earth movies that move seamlessly from the location of your group to biblical sites.

Want to see one of the presentations? Here’s a link to an EIN presentation at Cross Point Baptist Church in Perry, Georgia.

An extra benefit of the presentations? Pastors and Bible study leaders can quickly see the impact of using visual resources in their teaching. As this ministry grows, look for workshops that will help multiply the impact of EIN.

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