Finally Finding Christmas




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We all know the Christmas story, right? Even casual church attenders know about Mary, Joseph and the baby Jesus. We know of the angels’ song, the visit of the shepherds and the gifts of the magi.

But almost no one knows the vivid historical setting of the Christmas story, even though both Matthew and Luke referred to it immediately. In fact, Luke tried to tell us about the political setting of his day in the very first sentence of his recounting of the Jesus story!

The reason we haven’t caught all Luke and Matthew tried to tell us? Frankly, it’s a little tedious to dig through the history books and sort out the cultural differences of life in the Middle East 2,000 years ago.

That’s why Andy Cook took a novel approach to a book explaining the background of the Christmas story. In “Finally Finding Christmas,” you’ll follow the story of Pastor Jim Ricketts, a man who finds himself completely fed-up with the materialistic focus of an American Christmas. When he and Sarah get a surprise trip to Israel just a few weeks before Christmas, they discover more than they’d ever imagined possible.

In the process, they found the heart of Christmas for themselves.

Read this book, and there’s a good chance you’ll finally find Christmas, too.

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Hardback, 216 pages, featuring color photography from William Haun, Julia Chin and Selena Whitley.

A portion of the income gained from “Finally Finding Christmas” will help support the work of Seeds of Hope in Jericho!