More Secrets from the Ancient Paths


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One book of “secrets” would never be enough! The land of the Bible can give incredible insight to Bible readers everywhere. Here’s the long-awaited follow-up book to the original “Secrets From the Ancient Paths.”

Here are 168 pages packed with color photographs and insightful writing from author Andy Cook. Ever wonder about the “wide gate” that leads to destruction? Now you can see why those who heard Jesus mention such a gate would have instantly connected with the wide gates in their own communities! Here’s a fresh look at the parable of a sower, with insight taken right out of a real sower’s field in the Galilee. You’ll pick up new insights from sheep and goats. And you’ll even discover why a pagan temple built to honor Caesar Augustus was such a key stop along the way for the most important question the disciples of Jesus would ever answer.

Like the first collection of stories that unveiled “secrets” hidden in plain sight, “More Secrets” will give you a brand-new way of looking at some of the Bible’s most familiar passages.

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