“This rocked my world. The scriptures came alive and have a whole new meaning to me …” That’s what small-group leader Jewlz Rogers said about “Secrets from the Ancient Paths.”

Like so many others, Rogers had just taken a virtual tour with Pastor Andy Cook down the ancient paths of Israel, where he let the land unveil new “secrets” to understanding some of the most familiar passages in the Bible.

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Ironically, none of these truths are really a secret. The Valley where David beat Goliath? No one has hidden it. It’s right where the Bible said it would be! The “stone the builders rejected?” Amazingly, Jesus was crucified against a rugged cliff of crumbling stones that had been “rejected” by stone masons, centuries before. And what of the “hills” of Psalm 121? Once you see them, you’ll never read, “I lift my eyes to the hills” the same way again.

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There’s so much more. Recorded before a live audience, these lessons incorporate Google Earth GPS technology to “fly in” to the very location of a Bible story. Once there, the computer-generated images change to actual video footage and/or photos of the location. The end result is a virtual tour of Israel unlike anything offered to readers of the Bible today.

But without the right teacher, even tourists who visit these locations might miss the “secrets” those locations hold. That’s where Pastor Andy Cook comes into play. For the past 25 years, he’s been a student of the land and of the rich cultural and historical background of the Bible. He’ll unfold the lessons for your audience, and our leader’s discussions guides will help you maximize the impact of those lessons.


The format of the studies is simple and ready to use, right out of the box. We’ll give you:

A Leader’s Guide, helping you frame the main lesson with questions that will set the stage for the study, and then drive home the application points.

The video lessons, all recorded in high-definition clarity.

Discussion Guides for your group members. You can download them and print them out as handouts, or simply give your students the links for the pdf files. They can then view them on tablets, laptops or smart phones.

You are welcome to download all of the leader’s discussion guides and student guides right now. This will help you see where each study is headed.

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