If you’ve been to Israel, you know the impact that particular trip can have on your spiritual life. But most people will never make it to the land of the Bible.

Experience Israel Now is committed to bringing the life-changing lessons from the land of the Bible to audiences everywhere. Already, an estimated 20,000 people have seen at least one of the EIN virtual tours led by Pastor Andy Cook!

giving-chart-12-31When Pastor Andy visits churches, those congregations help pay the costs of this ministry through honorariums, love offerings and the purchases of books and other EIN materials.

But when he visits schools, prisons and orphanages, it’s only because people like you have helped him get there.

Your prayers and financial gifts to this ministry will help us continue to go into places where there’s no chance of income for EIN. Every $5 given allows us to reach one more prisoner, student or orphan.

All of your financial gifts are tax deductible. All of your prayers unleash the power of God upon our work and open doors no amount of money could ever open.

So thank you for praying. Thank you for giving. Thank you for encouraging this work. Together, we’re bringing the Bible to life everywhere!