You can help us bring the Bible to life for everyone!

We’ve reached our goal … and gone beyond it! Thank you so much for helping us head into 2018 on sound financial footing!

If you’ve been to Israel, you know the impact that particular trip can have on your spiritual life. But most people will never make it to the land of the Bible. In fact, studies show that only 1 percent of the people in an average church will ever make it to the land of the Bible!

Perhaps you’re part of the “99-percent” who’ve only heard the excited and passionate reports of people who’ve seen the Sea of Galilee or the crowded, narrow streets of Jerusalem’s Old City. If so, we hope our ministry has already helped enhance your understanding of the Bible through one of our virtual-tour presentations, books or other resources.

Stated plainly, Experience Israel Now wants everyone to connect with the life-changing lessons that come from a trip to Israel. That’s why we’ve been making “virtual-tour” presentations in churches, schools, prisons and on university campuses for the past six years. And that’s why Pastor Andy Cook left his church to work full-time in this ministry in the fall of 2015.

Since that time, attendance at EIN events has topped 33,000! Nearly half of that attendance has come in 2017!

When Pastor Andy visits churches, those congregations help pay the costs of this ministry through honorariums, love offerings and the purchases of books and other EIN materials.

But when he visits schools, college campuses, prisons, small churches and orphanages, it’s only because people like you have helped him get there.

Your prayers and financial gifts to this ministry will help us continue to go into places where there’s no chance of income for EIN. Every $2 given allows us to reach one more prisoner, student or church attender. This December, our goal was to raise $30,000 by December 31 to reach 15,000 people in 2018! As of New Year’s Eve, we were well beyond that goal, giving us an opportunity to do even more in the next 12 months!

All of your financial gifts are tax deductible. All of your prayers unleash the power of God upon our work and open doors no amount of money could ever open.

Andy TV shoot Masada

We’ve been invited to return to Israel in March, 2018 to shoot more on-site videos for CTN!

Perhaps it is only because so many people are praying for this ministry that we have been given an opportunity to return to Israel in 2018 to shoot more video lessons for the Christian Television Network. CTN is still showing many of our on-site video lessons we recorded in 2012 on their local, national and international broadcasts! The idea of providing CTN with new videos – and shooting more video for our virtual-tour presentations – is very exciting. But we’ll have to bear the entire expense of the trip, which is why this month’s fund-raising effort is even more important.

So thank you for praying. Thank you for giving. Thank you for encouraging this work. Together, we’re bringing the Bible to life for everyone!

Here’s what Pastor Andy Cook has to say about his ministry:

“I wish all of our supporters could witness what I get to see first-hand nearly every week. Our audiences are consistently overwhelmed with what they can learn in a very short period of time. It’s as if the ’99 percent’ have been waiting for someone to do this.

“I can’t believe God has allowed me to ‘take Israel’ into churches big and small, into prison gymnasiums, school auditoriums, home Bible studies, campus ministry buildings, business settings … and even an orphanage. When people see how the land of the Bible enhances stories in the Bible, they listen with a great intensity. Sometimes they break out into applause … and sometimes they even cry. People who’ve been reading the Bible for a lifetime can’t believe what they’re seeing, but of course, seeing is believing.

“That’s one reason we spend so much time on high school and college campuses. I think we may have had a big impact on a lot of people who weren’t quite sure the Bible had a record of actual history. A trip to Israel will leave you completely convinced that the Bible has an accurate record of history. These virtual-tour presentations are the next-best thing we can offer people. I’m so glad we’ve been able to see so many students this year!

“I simply can’t thank the people who’ve supported us financially enough. About half of our annual income has come from people who’ve simply given of their resources to help us create this resource. I thank God every day for the privilege of doing what I do. And that means I thank God every day for the people who’ve helped me do this.”

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