We’ve got a big vision for 2020!

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When pastors, worship leaders, Bible study leaders and others engaged in ministry visit Israel, they come home profoundly changed.

Quite naturally, these ministry leaders share a new passion for the Bible’s message with their congregations, causing a single trip to Israel to impact thousands of people for years to come.

Sadly, only 10 percent of the pastors in America have ever made the trip to the land they reference every week! The reason? It costs too much money.

In the past 20 years, EIN has helped arrange trips for 32 pastors or ministry leaders to visit Israel at no personal cost to themselves. We’d like to increase that number dramatically as a part of our 2020 end-of-the-year fundraising campaign. But that’s just the start!

In 2020, our vision is to invest in ministry leaders in three key ways.

First, we want to take at least 10 pastors to Israel in 2020. Our scholarship system is simple. We’ll donate $2,500 to a pastor’s trip as long as his or her church will donate the remainder of the cost. This may allow pastors to take a spouse on the trip, making the trip even more memorable.

Second, we’d like to tackle our third drone-video trip in three years. Amazingly, we’ve already built what may be the world’s largest inventory of drone video clips of biblical sites. Sadly, that’s because such resources barely exist. We need to shoot as much drone video as possible while we’re still allowed to shoot it.

Third, we’d like to build a user-friendly web site for pastors, Bible teachers and small-group leaders that will provide thousands of our video clips and photos … and the how-to videos that will help anyone use these tools for more effective Bible teaching.

In the meantime, we’re continuing our work of “bringing Israel” to people in churches, schools, prisons and businesses. Attendance at our 2019 presentations will easily top 13,000. In the past four years of full-time work, attendance has already topped 53,000! We’re so thankful for our monthly supporters and for the generous support from many churches. We couldn’t do this work without a lot of help!

Thank you for helping us. Your prayers, encouragement and financial support are critically important to our mission success. Our goal for this end-of-the-year campaign is $50,000. Click here to donate now!