Four years after Experience Israel Now launched its full-time work on September 1, 2015, there’s a lot to celebrate.

The heart of our ministry remains our one-of-a-kind Bible conferences. Pastor Andy Cook has made nearly 400 presentations in churches, schools, prisons, businesses and small-group Bible studies. Attendance at those events has topped 50,000!

“I thank God every day for the privilege of doing what I love to do, and for all the people who help me do this work.” – Andy Cook

There have also been seven group trips to Israel during that time (306 travelers), two trips to the land of the Bible exclusively for shooting new video, and one mission trip to Zambia.

Two new books have been published and two more have been updated with new editions in the past four years. Pastor Andy has continued to be featured in short spots on the Christian Television Network, in regional conferences with the Friends of Israel and has even been interviewed by National Public Radio.

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