A tiny reminder of the incredible love of our God

Meeting Elaina

If you’ll allow me a personal moment … I’ll take it.

This has nothing to do with experiencing Israel, but everything to do with experiencing the love of God.

Last Friday, I held our third grandchild in my arms. Elaina arrived right on time and immediately won all of our hearts.

So strange, this love we have for people who’ve done nothing to earn it.

So illogical, I think, to be ready to give your life for a tiny human being who isn’t even aware that someone called “Granddaddy” even exists.

In due time, she’ll join her brother and her sister in racing around our home, asking for pony rides (I’m the pony), and eating her Mimi’s incredible cooking. She’ll know our names and color pictures for us. She’ll pick our flowers so she’ll have gifts for us. In this way, you might say she would be “worthy” of our love in return.

But right now? She’s loved just because she is. She needs to do nothing else. She will never run out of our love for her.

And this is God’s love for you. He loves you just because you are. No other reason. No need to work for his love. If you give him a gift, you’ll have to use talents and resources He first gave to you! If you decide not to love Him, He will still love you.

Impossible to comprehend? Sometimes, yes. But on Friday, holding a newborn in my arms, it made perfect sense.

That’s the power of love.