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Author Andy Cook is actively seeking a literary agent as a partner in ministry.

Already the author of four books released nationally by Kregel Publishing, Cook is in a prime position to become a significant author in the field of inspirational, Christian non-fiction.

Consider this trilogy of books, two of which are completed:


Published in 2013 by Kregel, Secrets from the Ancient Paths uncovers life-changing truths that are hidden in plain sight in the land of the Bible. Filled with stunning photography and an engaging writing style, this 176-page, hardback book unveils many of those secrets one beautiful page at a time. The author holds all remaining copies of the original printing and full rights to the manuscript and photographs. A complete redesign of the book is not only possible … it would be preferred. Though the final layout created a beautiful product, Kregel’s layout team did not coordinate photographs with chapters at an optimum level. Read a sample of Secrets from the Ancient Paths.

more-secrets-coverThe follow-up to the original Secrets is in a camera-ready stage of production. Similar in style and content, More Secrets from the Ancient Paths has 168 pages of professional photographs and new insights of some of the Bible’s most familiar passages. It has not been published.

Books that compare with these titles are few in number. Bible handbooks and Holy Land travel guides provide photographs and information. Books like Sitting at the Feet of Rabbi Jesus (Spangler, Tverberg) and Walking in the Dust of Rabbi Jesus (Tverberg) have lessons from a Jewish perspective of the Scripture. Secrets combines the best of both worlds into one amazingly attractive package.


Yet to be written, The King of Bethlehem is the kind of Christmas-season book that Christians will never forget. Matthew and Luke both begin their accounts of the birth narratives with an important detail. Jesus was born while Herod was king of Judea. Herod’s story and his luxurious lifestyle are an engaging way to set the stage for the most important – and perhaps most humble – birth in history.

The contrast between Jesus and Herod’s family continues all the way to the day Jesus was crucified. So why are followers of Jesus celebrating his birthday in a way Herod would love … and Jesus wouldn’t recognize? This will be a book that will change a great holiday for the better!

Promotional Potential

The most exciting thing about this potential arrangement is that Andy Cook is already in a full-time ministry of travel and promotion. After pastoring three churches for 27 years, he now leads Bible conferences in churches, schools, prisons and in business locations.

Attendance for his EIN presentations topped 12,000 in his first 12 months of full-time work. We anticipate doubling that total in the next 12 months. Before leaving the pastorate, Cook was “bringing Israel” to audiences on a part-time basis. The ministry has been building followers in Georgia for several years.

For such a small enterprise, we have a strong following on Facebook (2,572 EIN page likes, 1,700-plus personal friends) and on Twitter. We also have a database of more than 600 e-mail addresses. These individuals receive a free “Photo of the Day” from us, plus information about our ministry. This platform of influence grows with each speaking engagement.

The Christian Television Network (Largo, FL) has been airing videos we recorded on site in Israel since 2012. To date, the network has more than two dozen videos in its library of EIN material.

The Friends of Israel, an international ministry based in New Jersey, has sold hundreds of copies of the original Secrets book, giving us invaluable exposure in the process. The ministry is very open to an ongoing relationship with EIN, including the selling of more books. The very fact that so many copies of Secrets have been sold through The Friends of Israel is an incredible testimony to the potential of these books.

It is only a matter of time before this ministry reaches larger and larger audiences. If a national publisher helps us promote our books, it will obviously expand the ministry. And if the ministry expands, we’ll sell more books. We need your help to connect us to the right publisher. Speaking frankly, our relationship with Kregel has ended because of the company’s inability to engage us with a true national audience. Around 2000, Kregel worked hard to arrange for radio and television interviews that coincided with each new book. By the time “Secrets” was published, the company had no one on staff to help us publicize the book. We might as well have self-published it.

Readers of our books tend to be conservative, Bible-reading Christians. Those who’ve been to Israel love learning more about the land of the Bible and remembering what they’ve seen. Those who’ve not been to Israel read our books specifically because they haven’t. They’d like to connect in some way with what they’ve long heard is a life-changing experience.

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Ready to talk about our future together? You can contact Andy Cook at 478-954-3885 or pastorandycook@gmail.com. Thanks for visiting this page!