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When we finish with an old car, we junk it. No offense, but you’ve put on a few miles, too!

There’s an article circulating on Facebook dealing with cremation. The author – a self-described prophet named John Hamel – declares that a curse is upon any person whose body is burned.

If you’d like to read Hamel’s article, click here.

If you’d like to be cremated, relax. There’s no biblical curse against it.

There is a curse related to death, of course, but Jesus removed that curse. When in doubt about that wonderful reality, read Romans 8. Or Romans 5. Or John 3. Or a host of other passages that provide what can only be described as the most wonderful news any human being has ever heard.

Therefore, feel free to be:

  • Eaten by sharks.
  • Blown up by a suicide bomber.
  • Swept away in a tornado.
  • Dropped into the crevice of a glacier.
  • Trampled by a herd of elephants.
  • Gored to death by a bull.
  • Bored to death by a preacher.
  • Embalmed by a funeral home director.
  • Or cremated by the same.

No matter what is done with your body after you die, your body will quickly become incapable of supporting life. Embalming? Are you aware of what those chemicals will do to your vital organs? That liver is never going to work again, not on this earth or in heaven!

Sorry for the gruesome topic, but this is important.

Our God has promised to take care of those who love Him. This will be true no matter what someone does with your body after you’ve breathed your last, even if they simply throw it in a ditch.

Jesus promised a man due to die that very day that the two of them would soon be together on the other side. That man happened to be hanging on a tree at the time … and being “hung on a tree” happens to carry a biblical curse! For the thief on the cross, Jesus took the curse of death away from him.

If you trust him, Jesus will do the same for you.

If you want a biblical mode of burial, by the way, your family needs to bury you on the same day of your death. You’ll be wrapped in a cloth, laid in a box or vault or family burial cave. One year later, when everything but your bones has turned to dust, your bones will be collected, put into a fairly small box, and stored next to the bones of your ancestors.

Jesus was three days into this process when he was raised from the grave. His disciples saw him, heard him, talked with him, touched him and watched him eat. He was very much alive after having been very much dead. He was living proof that there is life on the other side.

Bottom line: If you want to be cremated, go ahead.

On a personal note, I’ve chosen to be cremated. I like the idea that no one will ever feel guilty about not visiting my grave. I like the idea of my children being creative in what they do with the ashes. I like the idea of my grandchildren remembering me through pictures rather than from a last look at a lifeless body in a casket.

However, I did ask my attorney to put a special note in the documents covering all things post-Andy. The note is directed to the funeral home director in charge of my not-so-final arrangements.

I asked him to check, one more time, before he pushes the Start Button.

Pay attention. That body of yours is kind of like a car. You get one car per lifetime in this illustration. You’ve probably noticed as you grow older that not every accessory works like it used to. There may be dents and bulges and scratches in a body that once was showroom perfect. There well could be some rust around the joints and gunk clogging up the intake valves. Truth is, if you drive that car of you long enough, it’ll barely move at all!

When you’re through with an old car, you junk it.

That’s pretty much what happens with your body. When it comes to forever and ever in the next world, the last thing I want to carry around with me is an old, worn-out, junked car of a body.

In due time, Jesus said he will make all things new.

Thank God, that includes me and you.

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