Announcing the release of our newest book!

Christmas book cover final
Want to have a really special Christmas?

First of all, find it. As in, discover the incredible cultural and historical setting of the Christmas story. Actually, Luke and Matthew tried to set the stage for us when both of them began their historical record of the birth of Jesus with the political background of the story.

Why haven’t we noticed it before?

Because, frankly, it’s kind of boring to wade through all the history stored away in those dusty, seminary-library books. It’s easier to simply envision the peaceful, picture-perfect scene our Christmas cards have always painted for us.

That’s why Pastor Andy Cook wrote a novel. Here’s the story of Pastor Jim Ricketts, who just couldn’t get inspired for another round of Christmas sermons. In fact, he was burned out on Christmas weeks before the holiday arrived!

Just in the nick of time, he found himself exploring the land of the Bible, discovering all that Luke and Matthew thought he already knew. The impact of the trip was so profound, it was as if he’d found Christmas for the very first time.

At 216 pages, this hardback book is sprinkled with the color photographs you’ve come to expect from Experience Israel Now. If nothing else, the photographs will prove that there’s nothing made-up about the background of “Finally Finding Christmas.”

One more really special detail about this book. We’re sending a portion of every book sold to a great ministry in Jericho, where God is doing a great work through some friends we’ve met there. So this year, the gift of this book is also a gift for Seeds of Hope. Get a copy for yourself … and pass one along to someone you love!

Order your copy now! Rather have “Finally Finding Christmas” via Kindle? Click here!

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