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Ready to walk where Jesus walked and discover what many people call the greatest journey of a lifetime? Join us for an amazing tour of Israel April 22-May 2, 2018!

Contact us for the cost of this trip. The original price was $4,550. We have passed a deadline for holding our group airline tickets, so if you’d like to join us, we’ll first have to arrange for your flight to and from Israel before determining the total price of the trip. We’ll do our best to keep the price the same. The longer you wait … the less likely we’ll be able to do that. So contact us immediately!

Like all other EIN trips, the cost we advertise is all-inclusive. It’ll cover every expense, including airfare, lodging, all land travel in Israel, an Israeli tour guide, all meals, all tips and even the bottled water you’ll always find on our bus. And starting with this trip, we’ll even include medical insurance for our travelers! If you get hurt, sick or need special care for your trip home, we’ve got you covered. About all there is left to buy? Your souvenirs, meals at airports and any snacks you’d pick up along the way.

This trip will be what we refer to as a “traditional” trip. Expect to walk about three miles a day in moderate, late-spring temperatures.

We’ll have singing, times of worship and life-application lessons in multiple locations each day as Pastor Andy Cook leads each day of travel.

To secure your spot,  fill out an application and mail it, along with a check made out to “EIN” (or Experience Israel Now) to 164 Old South Way, Ft. Valley, GA, 31030. You’ll need to contact us to see how much money to send.

The places you will goLooking for affordable “trip cancellation” insurance? We can provide it for an additional $225 per traveler. If something unexpected happens just before we’re ready to travel, or if an emergency back home forces an early return, trip cancellation insurance is the only way to ensure you’ll be able to minimize your financial loss. Click here for more information. The deadline for ordering trip-cancellation insurance via EIN is February 1, 2018. Multiple other options for trip insurance exist. See the Terms and Conditions document for more information.

Speaking of the “Terms and Conditions” document, you’ll want to read this document carefully. Click here to see that important information.

Worried about what to pack? Click here for information that will help you prepare for our trip.

Have you watched the video of travelers talking about their experiences in Israel with EIN? If not, click here!

Click here to see unfiltered results from a survey we gave recent travelers about their experiences. Some of the information (like how much extra money you might need or whether this group felt safe), will be extremely valuable to you.

Still have questions? You can e-mail us!

Come, experience Israel with us!

Click here to download the application form in a Word document.

Click here to download the application form in a pdf document.