Israel is coming to Central Baptist!

Download the 51-page study guide for this conference here!

Darlington’s Central Baptist Church is hosting a four-day Bible conference Jan. 7-10, 2018 with Pastor Andy Cook and “Experience Israel Now.” Studies show that only 1 percent of the people who would like to visit the land of the Bible will ever get there. That’s why Experience Israel Now brings the same life-changing lessons to places like Darlington. Now everyone can gain new insight from the Holy Land!

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Pastor Andy Cook, a frequent tour host to Israel, will lead virtual tours in this conference, teaching the same great truths he shares with his groups in Israel!

Want to see the Christmas story come alive? Take a virtual tour with us to Bethlehem, Masada and Nazareth, and you’ll see this story in a brand-new light!

Before this week is done, expect to visit Caesarea Philippi, where Jesus promised his followers that the “Gates of Hades” would not prevail against them. And what of the Elah Valley, where David defeated Goliath? We’re going there, and not just to pick up a souvenir stone! We’ll see how David overcame his fear there, and take home lessons we can use. We’ll even get a new look at the cross and an amazing journey connected to the resurrection of Jesus.

There’s much more planned for this entertaining and informative week. Make plans to join us!

We’ll be meeting at Central Baptist (512 Springs St., Darlington, SC 29532 on Sunday, Jan. 7 for the 10:30 a.m. service, and then again Sunday night at 7 p.m. We’ll also meet Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday night at 7 p.m. Call it the most incredible January Bible Conference you’ve ever attended!

Want to really maximize this experience? You can download a study guide made just for this conference and keep it on your phone, electronic tablet, or even print it out. Modeled after the study guide EIN’s travelers take to Israel, there’s not another resource guide like it. To get started, click on the link!

Download the 51-page study guide for this conference here!