Experience Israel Now, Inc. is a non-profit ministry dedicated to creating resources from the land of the Bible for anyone to use in any ministry or profession. As a non-profit ministry, we are able to offer these resources at a far-lower cost than would otherwise be available. We need your help to create more of these products. You can do your part simply by abiding to these terms and conditions. Before downloading your file, please review the terms below. If you agree with the terms, you may proceed with downloading your file. If you do not agree with the terms, you may exit this page and continue browsing the site. Here are the terms to consider:

1. Copyright – All of the media downloaded from Experience Israel Now, Inc. is protected by copyright law.

2. Scope of UseYour purchase entitles you to use the media on one physical campus of one church, one small group, or one school. Please help us create funds to create more of these materials by not sharing the product(s) in unethical ways.

3. Non-Transferrable – Media purchase from Experience Israel Now is non-transferrable and must not be shared with other churches or organizations. Churches with more than one campus must purchase separate media files for each campus.

4. Changing churches, schools or ministries – If you change churches, schools, or if you join another ministry, you are not permitted to take your media with you. Rather, you should register a new account from your new place of employment and then re-purchase the media from the new account.

5. Responsibility – In all cases, the customer is ultimately responsible for legal ramifications of copy and usage activity.

6. Theology. Experience Israel Now is a non-denominational ministry. The ultimate responsibility for the theological principles put forth by those using these products belongs to the presenter of the information.

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