Coming soon … our first e-book!

Search for Gods Own Heart cover

The second edition of “The Search for God’s Own Heart” is a complete re-write of the first edition of this book. After 20 years and multiple trips to Israel, there’s a lot of new insight to share!

PagesNearly 20 years ago, some of the most familiar stories in the Bible took hold of me with some intriguing questions. If David was known as a “man after God’s own heart,” what set him apart from the people around him?

Obviously, this wasn’t about David’s righteousness. He was nearly as imperfect as I am. Come to think of it, he committed adultery on a regular basis, and he murdered one of his best friends. As of breakfast, I haven’t gone there.

No, David didn’t earn the title by being “good enough” to find God’s heart.

And what about Saul, the king of Israel who ruled just before David took the throne? Despite his position, he obviously wasn’t a “man after God’s own heart.” Jonathan got it right, as did Hannah and Samuel. But Eli and Eli’s sons? No way.

In fact, precious few people in the Bible or in modern-day life gain such lofty status.

But by God’s grace, it’s still there for anyone who wants it.

All of the questions and the answers I found in the Bible eventually landed in a book. The first edition of “The Search” was published in 2000, and Kregel Publications released it nationally one year later. Now we’re back with a complete re-write of the book. Old illustrations have been tossed, and new ones added in. After 20 years, there’s a lot of new insight, too. The gray hair on my head gives the illusion that I’ve learned something in the past two decades, so let’s just let the illusion go unchallenged. And this time, we’ve got photos!

One more thing has changed in 20 years. Technology has given us e-book options, and that’s where we’re planning on releasing the second edition of “The Search.” In time, we might very well produce a traditional version of this book.

Until then, the search will move forward on Kindles, iPads and smart phones.

Stay tuned for our release date! In the meantime, keep searching for God’s heart!