Don’t go out without The Light!

Judean Wilderness sunrise vertical

Once the sun comes up, who needs a flashlight? All of the Bible’s instructions are important. Some will save your life in the darkest of nights. Most, however, are “as plain as day.” This is the message of Psalm 119:105! (Selena Whitley photo)

A few years back, we lived in the heart of rattlesnake country.

I don’t like rattlesnakes.

I only ran into a few snakes while we lived with them, but not a day went by when I wasn’t keeping an eye out for one. You know the old saying? The snake might not hurt you, but if you see a snake, you might very well hurt yourself!

One night, I needed to walk across the street to see a neighbor. It was a short walk. It was a nice night.

Sure wish I’d taken a flashlight.

The moon was offering some light, but not enough. The shadows on the ground, on the sidewalk … they all seemed to be potential threats. And one of the sidewalk cracks seemed to be especially large. Just to be sure, I stepped out into the street and made the rest of the journey to my neighbor’s home from there. With every step the fear-factor increased.

On my way back, I was kicking myself for not bringing a flashlight. I had one. It had fresh batteries. I simply hadn’t taken it with me. Now I was looking left, looking right, seeing only shadows, sidewalk cracks and …

… And the big “crack” on the sidewalk, the one in front of my house? It was gone.

By the time I got inside, my heart was pounding and I was scrambling for the flashlight. And a hoe. But whatever had been on the sidewalk was completely out of sight by the time I arrived for the hunt, and the two of us never crossed paths again.

I also never went outside again without a flashlight!

A flashlight in the country might save your life. At the very least, it will give you a sense of security. To use a Bible word, I was very foolish for not having a little light with me. It would have made all the difference on my walk in the dark!

In the heart of the Bible comes this word:

“Your word is a lamp for my feet, and a light for my path.” – Psalm 119:105

There are times when the smallest of lights will provide the greatest help. God’s Word can help us through the “dark” times. Maybe you’ve experienced the same thing I have. Right when you need it most, a single Bible verse brings clarity, hope, direction, guidance … it’s amazing.

But there’s more to this verse than a flashlight shining on the truth. There’s also daylight.

In all my days of poking around the woods, I’ve never used a flashlight during daylight hours. What good would a flashlight be when the sun is shining?

God’s word is, indeed a “lamp” for my feet. We’ve got that image. We know about flashlights in the darkness. But the other side? The “light for my path?” That’s sunlight. Yes, the Bible can give you a single thought that can give you peace in a very dark time. But the Bible also gives great rules for living that need no small lights to help us see them.

“Thou shalt not murder, steal or covet?” That’s not “flashlight” truth. My mom used to say it like this … “Some things are as plain as day.”

In your Bible is the kind of help you’ll need during the dark hours. And in that same Bible is instruction for life that needs no other explanation. Either way, don’t try life without the Light.