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In addition to the free PowerPoint or Keynote downloads, here are some items that can spice up your next presentation. Use the photos in worship guides or classroom notes. Use the videos to help illustrate your own presentation. It’s all yours, from Experience Israel Now! To access these resources, right click on the an item and choose the “save as” option. Use downloading software to save the videos to your computer.

Bethlehem location

Green Pastures EIN

Shephelah March and June

The Bible often speaks of our lives being like the “grass of the field,” which fades very quickly. Here are two images taken in the same area that quickly communicate how fast the grass (and life) can wither!

Sowers field with path

Here’s a high-quality photo of farmland in the Galilee you can use to illustrate the Parable of the Sower. There’s also a post on our blog that explains how the message of this parable is overwhelmingly encouraging. Find it under “The Latest” tab. Selena Whitley photo, for Experience Israel Now.