Friends of Israel

We’ve been recording on-site videos in Israel for several years. Many of our videos (like this 4:47 spot) have been featured on the Christian Television Network. We could change the tag line at the end of the videos and offer clips like this one as a free resource on the FOI web page.

We’ve enjoyed a heavy speaking schedule since going full-time with the EIN work. Churches have requested this presentation more than any other. This recording (17:42) was done in a television studio before a live audience and is part of a nine-session small-group study we offer. This is an example of what we could add to FOI conferences. We also have a vision of equipping pastors and Bible study leaders with the same video-driven resources so they can enhance their own teaching in the way God leads them. This very practical help could be offered as a breakout session at a FOI conference.

We’ve done several 60-second clips for the Christian Television Network. When 200 or so sheep topped the hill in the Valley of Elah, this one was created on the spot. It remains CTN’s favorite among our videos. We could create brand-new spots for the FOI web site.