Gifts for the Bible-lover in your life


The biggest breakthrough in study Bibles since 1985!

As Christmas approaches, you’ll no doubt be looking for gift ideas for family members and friends. If you’ve got a Bible-lover in your life, we’ve got some suggestions!

Pastor Andy Cook likes to tell people that the first major breakthrough in modern-day study Bibles came in 1985 with the release of Zondervan’s NIV Study Bible. Most serious readers of the Bible will already have a copy of that study Bible, probably in one of its more recent editions. Since that classic study Bible was published, there have been dozens of others published by a variety of publishers.

But the next major breakthrough – again, according to Pastor Andy – is the Cultural Background Study Bible, released in 2016.  Here you’ll have a massive 2,400 pages of the NIV text, incredible text notes, color photography, charts, articles and more. Weighing in at more than 4 pounds, you should be able to find this Bible for under $40.

Satellite Bible Atlas

The Satellite Bible Atlas has 148 pages of “gold-mine” information. Click on the image to go directly to the purchase site.

The Satellite Bible Atlas is one of those books that will become well-read and well-worn when your serious Bible reader gets it in his or her hands.

Sometimes, looking for illuminating information about Bible passages is like mining for gold. It’ll take a lot of digging to find the best nuggets. In this book? There’s a veritable gold mine.

Using satellite imagery, editor William Schlegel covers the entire spectrum of biblical history, including the time between the Testaments. You’ll instantly see why certain cities were so important to the biblical story and why foreign nations wanted to control them. You can follow the journeys of the Bible’s most important and intriguing personalities as they discover the Promised Land, settle it, fight for it, lose it and recover it. You’ll see the journeys of Jesus and his earliest followers. Each paragraph of history corresponds to a numbered location on the maps. Following the movements of battles or migrations has never been easier!

In the span of 148 beautiful pages, you’ll survey the entire Bible! The writing is as clear as the satellite imagery. This is the kind of resource you’ll wish you had years ago. Some groups of students traveling in Israel actually use this resource as they travel.

Speaking of trips to Israel, such a journey makes the gift of a lifetime. It’s expensive, of course. But when taken in the light of a young adult’s education, for instance, it’s a logical investment. One trip to the land of the Bible will pay dividends for a lifetime. If your pastor hasn’t been to Israel? Every minute delayed is another Sunday of missing the best insight for your church family. To see information on our next trip, click here.

For a limited time, all three of Pastor Andy Cook's "Secrets" books are just $30, plus $3.50 shipping!

For a limited time, all three of Pastor Andy Cook’s “Secrets” books are just $30, plus $3.50 shipping!

For a person just beginning the journey of deeper Bible understanding, take a closer look at “Walking in the Dust of Rabbi Jesus” and “Sitting at the Feet of Rabbi Jesus.” Lois Tverberg’s insight and easy-to-read writing style makes it little wonder why so many people have enjoyed these two books. In our “Reading List” tab on this web site, it’s not an accident that these two books are listed first in our recommended reading!

Our own Andy Cook has four books available for purchase, too. Check out the three-book gift set that’s on sale now!