Israel opens its doors to Syrian orphans

Clown and child

An Israeli citizen dressed as a clown entertains an 11-year-old wounded Syrian child in Safed, Israel.

Despite the fact that Israel is technically still at war with Syria, the Department of Interior has announced plans to take in 100, war-weary Syrian orphans.

The announcement came last Saturday as Jewish families were enjoying their Shabbat rest.

Surprisingly, it’s not the first time tiny Israel has tried to help civilians from the predominately Muslim nation that has attacked it on multiple occasions and still has an official position of destroying the Jewish state.

A statement from the Interior Ministry Population and Immigration Authority on Saturday said that Deri ordered officials with the office to initiate contact with agencies relevant to the process of allowing the children into the country.

“The situation in Syria is very harsh,” Deri said in the statement published by several news outlets across the world. “Civilians have been slaughtered for years only a few dozen kilometers from Israel.

“I have decided to order professionals in my ministry to work toward absorbing children on humanitarian grounds in order to render assistance and rescue 100 of them from the horrors and afford them good and normal lives in Israel,” he added.

According to a report from Israel’s Channel 10 news earlier this week, the orphans will be put up in Education Ministry dormitories and subsequently enrolled into Israeli schools. It is believed that many of the children will be adopted into Israeli families.

Israel has also treated over 2,600 Syrian war casualties, both in special field hospitals set up along the border and in Israeli hospitals further away from the border.

More than 310,000 people have been killed since the Syrian conflict began, and over half the population has been displaced, with millions becoming refugees.