Visit Israel in 2022!

Two trips to Israel set for 2022

Ready for the trip of a lifetime?

After a two-year delay because of the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, Experience Israel Now is offering two trips in 2022. While Israel is still restricting visitors, we expect the borders to reopen in plenty of time for these trips.

Some details of our trips are still tentative, including the price of the trips, which airline we’ll be using and the exact dates of the trips.

However, we’ve booked these two windows for our 2022 trips:

April 24-May 4, 2022 – Traditional Trip

June 5-15, 2022 – Hiking Trip.

All travelers who originally booked trips with us in 2020 are guaranteed their 2020 price. New travelers can expect prices to hover around $4,800 for the Traditional trip, and $4,900 for the hiking trip. But again, we’re waiting on airlines and hotels to resume regular business in a post-pandemic world. We hope to have definitive word on all details by the early fall of 2021.

Our prices include the flight, lodging, every meal while in Israel, all touring costs, all tips and even bottled water on the bus. We also provide a basic health insurance policy for all of our travelers. All that’s left to buy in Israel  would be souvenirs and any expense you might have in an airport.

We’ll see a lot of the land of the Bible with this tour. We’ll start in the heartland of Judea, spend two days alongside the Dead Sea, move to the Sea of Galilee for three days, take a full day to slowly work our way to Jerusalem via the Mediterranean coastline, and finally spend three days in Jerusalem and Bethlehem.

The places you will goIf you’re looking for as much contact as possible with the actual land of the Bible, this is the tour for you. We avoid as many “traditional” locations as possible and focus on sites that provide life-changing insight to the Bible’s most familiar stories.

Pastor Andy Cook will host the trip, teaching at biblical sites all along the way. As usual, we’ll also have a licensed tour guide and full-time driver as we explore the land together. Typically, our guide will share information about each site and Pastor Andy will lead inspirational times at selected sites each day.

You may be interested in “trip cancellation” insurance. If so, be aware that trip insurance companies typically did not cover losses related to the pandemic, except in cases where travelers actually had COVID-19.  Still, trip cancellation insurance is a way to minimize your loss if something unexpected happens just before we’re ready to travel, or if an emergency back home forces an early return. Multiple other options for trip insurance exist. Visit for a wide variety of trip insurance options.

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