If you’ve seen any of the episodes from “The Chosen” television series, you’ve been intrigued by the men and women who followed Jesus.

So how’s your knowledge base on the disciples of Jesus? You surely know about Simon Peter, Andrew, James and John. No doubt, you’ve heard of Judas Iscariot!

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But did you know that one of the disciples was a twin, or that some women were also following Jesus on a regular basis? It’s all there, hidden in plain sight on the pages of your Bible!

Here’s a “Meet the Disciples Fact Sheet” that will entertain, enlighten and inspire you.

Our Sept. 8 audio podcast will focus on the women around Jesus. Our Sept. 15 audio podcast will push past all the non-biblical spin on Judas Iscariot to see what the Bible clearly says about his decisions to betray Jesus.

Secrets from the Ancient Paths” also offers “videocasts” each Sunday. Before you go to church this Sunday, come to Israel with us!

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