Once you’ve got the tools, you can build anything!

Behold the lamb logoOne of the great things about background video from Israel is its flexibility. Once you’ve downloaded the presentations, you’ll find many ways to use the video clips or photographs in messages or teaching sessions.

As an example of this concept, I recently felt led to prepare a message on why Jesus was called “The Lamb of God.” For those of us who’ve been in church all our lives, it’s easy to hear such a title and think, “Sure, that’s Jesus.” Or maybe, “Well, it’s the Bible. They say things like that.”

But wouldn’t a newcomer to the faith wonder why John didn’t introduce Jesus as a great speaker, a miracle worker, a rabbi, or even … his cousin? Why would he say something so unusual as, “Behold, the Lamb of God?” (John 1:29, 35)

Using background video from “The Stone the Builders Rejected” and some other resources I already had, a powerful presentation was soon ready. The impact on the audience was powerful. To see it, click here.

Don’t waste another moment! Download these resources, and begin a life-long habit of collected other visual resources from the lands of the Bible that will help you communicate truth to your audience!