One book of secrets simply isn’t enough!

More Secrets book and pages only

Those who walk the land of the Bible for themselves have a first-hand knowledge of a wonderful truth. The land itself can give us insight into the message of the Bible!

Spend a morning in the rugged Judean Wilderness, and you’ll never miss a reference to it again. Hike through one of the city gates of an ancient town and you’ll have a brand-new understanding of how the “wide gates” lead to the destruction Jesus spoke of in the Sermon on the Mount.

From the Jordan River to the Mediterranean coast, from specific valleys to memorable mountain ranges, the land makes some stories in the Bible spring to new life. Sometimes, even the sheep on the hills of the Shephelah add new insight to biblical passages!

“More Secrets from the Ancient Paths” is a natural follow up to Andy Cook’s “Secrets from the Ancient Paths,” published in 2013. Like the original “Secrets,” this book is packed with beautiful photographs and great insight. Spend some time with these “hidden-in-plain-sight secrets,” and you’ll discover why so many readers are still talking about the amazing lessons from the ancient paths. Click here to order!