First three “videocasts” feature the David-and-Goliath battlefield

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Our new podcast is off and running with a double-punch. Our audio podcasts are published each Tuesday. On Sundays, our “videocasts” offer an incredible combination of teaching and visual images from the land of the Bible.

In addition, many of our podcasts will offer free downloads of the background video clips for pastors, Bible teachers and small-group leaders.

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New podcast launches features audio and video segments.

The COVID-19 pandemic has closed the borders of Israel and severely restricted our opportunities to host Experience Israel Now conferences in churches, schools or prisons.

Solution to the challenge? We’re podcasting!

Secrets from the Ancient Paths” will feature at least one audio segment a week, one video segment each week and occasional interviews. The audio podcasts will have teaching on the historical and cultural background of biblical texts.

The video lessons will feature lessons from the land, complimented by photographs, video clips and our unique drone video footage from biblical locations in Israel.

Our first interview was with Boaz Shalgi, a tour guide for many of our EIN groups traveling in Israel. He gave us an update on life in the midst of the pandemic and spoke with Pastor Andy Cook about the Jewish understanding of Shabbat.

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Jordan River site finally cleared of land mines!

Military officials cleared the last land mines from an area near Jericho long believed to be the baptismal site of Jesus. The land-mine clearing work has been going on for two years. This explosive finale came on March 13, 2020. For the first time in 50 years, a number of chapels in the area are accessible. Watch this short video to see why we’ve not been taking tourists to this area!

He is risen … indeed!

It’s Resurrection Sunday! Here’s a short (3:21) video recorded at the Garden Tomb in Jerusalem in 2019 that celebrates the truth of the resurrection accounts.

On the way to Jerusalem, something happened at the crossroads of Jericho that would forever change the way the disciples understood what it is to follow Jesus. In these days of a coronavirus crisis, this lesson is more important than ever.

David’s biggest battle was against fear. Sound familiar?

During our national time of quarantine, here’s a chance to let the land of the Bible teach you something new about some of the Bible’s most familiar passages.

For the next few days, we’re running a series of videos recorded in 2012 that feature Pastor Andy Cook’s teaching and great footage from Israel.

Today’s lesson (27:44) follows David into the Valley of Elah not once … but twice. His first giant – the one named Goliath – was an easy take-down. His next giant was a much bigger foe.