History will record how we faced this crisis today

Movie theaters across America have closed indefinitely. Millions of Americans are finding themselves suddenly out of work or working from home.

Fifty years from now, our grandchildren are going to talk about this week. They’ll tell their own grandchildren about the time when the world shut down, and how difficult it was to do without March Madness, school and toilet paper.

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Older adults will remember how an invisible enemy brought the world’s economy to a crashing halt. Maybe we’ll remember how it humbled world leaders, brought a temporary end to war and left us hiding from our neighbors in fear a single sneeze could leave us gasping for air two weeks later.

The history books will surely speak of medicines and vaccines that brought an end to the crisis. Perhaps there will even be a sentence that begins, “In the course of time …”

In all things, Scripture comes first.

This Israeli highway would normally see heavy traffic. But the scene on Friday looked more like Yom Kippur, when the entire nation comes to a stop. (Ahmad Gharabli photo)

Welcome to the most unusual Sunday in American history.

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The doors of our churches are shut. With very few exceptions, no one will attend Bible study groups, sing the familiar songs of worship or listen to a pastor’s sermon in person.

Even so, millions of people will connect with their church or another local ministry via the Internet.  Thank God new technology has made virtual church attendance possible while the COVID-19 pandemic keeps us home!

So here’s a good question for people who love God: Why not just meet together despite the warnings and “trust God” to protect us? Doesn’t that at least sound like something we should be doing?

In a fight against a giant? Use the brain God gave you!

Workers in Israel prepare to greet Israeli citizens diagnosed with the coronavirus. (Avshalom Sassoni photo)

The battle between David and Goliath is one of the most famous in world history. The idea of a boy defeating a giant with a sling and a stone is so far-fetched, we’ve simply never forgotten the day David pulled off the upset.

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But have you ever considered the thought that it might not have been an upset at all?

In a short time, our world will return to normal, though it’ll be a “new normal.” Our “Goliath” will be a virus that has killed thousands and will probably sicken millions before it completes its run through humanity.

Maybe it would be good to consider why David thought the odds were overwhelmingly on his side as he raced toward his giant in the Elah Valley.

When God calls us to walk difficult roads, rest assured … He’ll also provide all that you need for the journey!

More than ever, it’s important to stay positive!

David was so famous, we’re still naming our children after him. He was so well known, Jesus talked about him. His name appears more than 900 times in the Bible, making him second only to Jesus!

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But in the beginning, David wasn’t famous at all. In fact, he was nearly invisible to his own family!

That’s one of the downsides, perhaps, of being a shepherd.

A shepherd in David’s time could spend entire days without seeing another person. You think social distancing is a new idea? The concept may have been born in a shepherd’s field!

David the future king started out as a prisoner in wide open spaces.

So how did David go from zero to hero? How did he overcome unimaginable odds to become Israel’s greatest king in history? One of his strongest attributes was his positive attitude. That same positive attitude is critically important to all of us now as we battle a pandemic.

Situational ethics won’t work in a pandemic!

A crew cleans outside an urgent care clinic in Borough Park, Brooklyn (Jonah Markowitz photo).

If you know the life of David, you’re probably aware of the years he spent running from Saul.

Saul was the king who wouldn’t fight Goliath. David was the kid who took the giant down with a stone and an amazing display of faith. Almost immediately, people knew David would one day be the king of Israel. In time, he took the throne and became the most beloved leader in Israel’s history.

But in between the giant and the crown, David had to run for his life.

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Let’s take a moment to consider this situation from Saul’s point of view.

What would cause a man to waver so wildly between opinions? Why would killing David seem right on one day, but letting him live seem right on another day?

Stuck indoors? Here’s your Coronavirus Bible study!

Beachgoers in Tel Aviv ignore Israel’s dramatic coronavirus restrictions on March 17. Officials are threatening to enforce a house-by-house lockdown if people don’t voluntarily comply. (AP Photo/Oded Balilty)

There’s a virus on the march, and it’s killing people, world economies and my travel plans.

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The President, the Governor and my wife – all very important people – have told me to stay put for two weeks. It’s a voluntary quarantine, and I’m kind of OK with that.

As long as I can keep going to the gym. And the bank. And the grocery store. I’d also like to get together with our small group, find a church that’s still meeting on Sunday, and slip into Disney World now that the lines are shorter.

Now that we’ve all been forced into a no-compromise, no-kidding situation, can we spend some time focusing on some key issues?

I’d like to try something for a few days. This will be an on-line Bible study. I’d invite you to join me in a once-a-day look at some incredibly important principles lived out for us in the pages of 1-2 Samuel.

Today, we’re looking at the temptation we all have to compromise.

This Easter, walk with Jesus to the cross

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When Jesus said, “Render unto Ceasar what is Caesar’s and to God what is God’s,” we automatically think about money.

We have to pay taxes. We should give some money to God. Right?

Better look a little closer.