Picture this: Now you can own the complete ibiblestock library!

Free photos like this one and samples of the ibiblestock video library are found at ibiblestock.org!

If you’re a pastor, Bible teacher or small-group leader, we’ve got an amazing tool for you.

The complete ibiblestock library includes nearly 2,000 professional photos from Israel, and hours of short video clips from the land of the Bible.

This collection of video clips includes what may be the largest collection of drone video clips of biblical sites to be found anywhere!

Best of all, it’s affordable.

Many of the photos are available for free at ibiblestock.org. A few video clips are offered for free, too!

There are also some great tutorial videos available on how to use photos and video clips in your own ministry. We’ve even got tutorials available on how to create and use Google Earth videos! Did you know you can use Google Earth software with nearly any of the thousands of locations the Bible mentions? Just as important, did you know that no other religious text in the world offers that option?

The lesson? Bible geography is the most under-used tool in your box of biblical apologetics.

Ready to use this tool? Visit ibiblestock.org to explore the library. When you’re ready to go deeper, buy the entire library! At $390, we think it’s the most affordable collection of visual resources you’ll find anywhere.

The entire library comes to you on a 64GB thumb drive. Order yours now!

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