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Secrets from the Via Dolorosa

The road known as the Via Dolorosa in Jerusalem is less than a mile long. The road Jesus walked to the cross was far longer, and far different than what you may have imagined.

Here’s a beautiful look at the last year of Jesus’ life, and the amazing weekend that changed the world forever. Hardcover, 220 pages.

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Secrets from the Ancient Paths

There are “secrets” waiting to be discovered in the land of the Bible … but these secrets are hidden in plain sight!

Here are several short lessons in a book packed with beautiful photographs. Perfect for a devotional book or for starter ideas for your own sermons or Bible studies. Hardcover, 206 pages.

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More Secrets from the Ancient Paths

Of course, one book of “secrets” wouldn’t be enough! The follow-up book to Andy Cook’s first volume of short lessons has proved just as popular with pastors and Bible readers.

As with the first book, this volume is also filled with beautiful photographs from photographer William Haun and several of our other favorite photographers. Hardcover, 202 pages.

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Combine it with Secrets from the Ancient Paths, both for $25 plus shipping

The Search for God’s Own Heart

The life of David has been inspiring people for centuries. We’re still naming our children after Israel’s greatest king!

And yet … David failed in so many ways. He was a liar, an adulterer, and a murderer. So how in the world did he become known as a man after God’s own heart?

If there’s hope for David, there’s hope for you! Though it has no photographs, this little book holds the title of our best-selling book of all time. Maybe it’s time you found out why! Softcover, 192 pages.

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Complete library

If you’re a pastor, Bible teacher or small-group leader, we want to help you bring the Bible to life for your audience. We’re going to give you hundreds of free, professional photographs from Israel, the opportunity to use our incredible library of video clips … AND show you how to use visual resources in your ministry! Plug these resources into your ministry and you’ll give your listeners one more reason to believe the great biblical truths you’re sharing with them.

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