Resources from Pastor Andy Cook

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The Via Dolorosa is the most famous street in all of Israel. It was here, tradition says, that Jesus walked to the cross. But the “Way of Suffering” is never a short walk on a well-defined street for any of us. Learn more …
Our two “Secrets” books are bigger and updated! Both Secrets from the Ancient Paths and More Secrets from the Ancient Paths have brilliant photography, insightful chapters, all in an easier-to-read format than the original books. Sold individually for $15 each, both books are $25. Click here for the combo sale!

The first in a two-novel series. Pastor Jim Ricketts and his wife Sarah thought they knew everything about Christmas. Then came the trip of a lifetime… ALMOST OUT OF STOCK! Get your copy now!

The second in a two-novel series. This time, it’s young Scott Ricketts who’s in for a life-changing trip to Israel! As he falls in love, he also discovers the truth about the Bible. Get your copy now!

David was about as imperfect a man as ever lived. Even so, he was called a “man after God’s own heart.” Interested in finding God’s favor … despite all you’ve done wrong? It’s our best-selling book of all time. Discover more here.