Promotional Material

Thanks for hosting an event from Experience Israel Now! Here are some tools that will help you maximize our time together.

Introducing Andy Cook? Click here to access all the important facts, right down to the family dog.

Using our projector and screen? Here’s how much room we’ll need on your platform or stage, and our lighting and sound needs. Click here. Remember … our projector is behind the screen. It’s “rear-screen” projection.

Want to create an instant ad for your bulletin, overhead slides, newsletter, e-mail blitz or Facebook posts? Click here for an easy-to-modify template in the widescreen format, or click here for a more traditional 4-3 ratio. Use the blank, black space to tell people where we’ll meet, and what day and time we’ll meet. If the blank ads don’t download automatically, right click on them and choose “save as” to download them to your computer.

Click here to access a pdf document you can use as a small poster or newsletter ad that explains a little more of the EIN concept.

In many cases, we will provide more promotional resources like this for you to use that might be more specific to the topic or nature of the event.