When people return home after a trip to Israel, they often speak of a “life-changing” experience or announce that they’ll “never be able to read the Bible the same way again.”

What happened to bring about such a revelation?

They saw the land. That’s all. They didn’t meet anyone who was in the Bible. They didn’t see any of the miracles.

But they saw the land.

And the land has life-changing lessons for any reader of the Bible! So few people get the chance to visit the land of the Bible, however, these lessons might as well be secrets.

Pastor Andy Cook is changing that.

“Secrets from the Ancient Paths” will take you to the Gates of Hades and the Sea of Galilee. You’ll visit Jerusalem and the valley where David defeated Goliath.

Once you’re there, the secrets will pop into the open and confront you in a way you may not have been challenged in a long time.

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