Ten ways to get the most out of your trip to Israel


Ten Tips Sea of GalileeSo you’ve traveled to Israel, had the trip of a lifetime, and filled up your digital camera with pictures of ruins, rocks and relics.

Now what?

Here are 10 ways to maximize your experience as you share what you’ve seen with your church, small group or classroom.

10. Show them one photo a week. We know, we know … you’ve got more than 1,000! But if you limit your selection to just one photo, you’ll show them your very best shot. And your audience, bracing for the dreaded “slide show,” will love you for it!

9. If you took photos or video from inside a moving bus, destroy all of those images now. Seriously.

8. If you want to explain Jewish customs, be sure you get it right. There are plenty of web sites and books that will help. It’s really embarrassing to share something “Jewish” and have that one Jewish person in the audience laugh out loud!

7. If you smuggled hummus through customs after the long flight home, serve it to someone else first. If they live, then feel free to eat the rest.

6. Share scripture as you tell your story. Want to really make an impression? Memorize the scripture you want to share! Nothing communicates passion for God’s Word like a memorized passage.

5. You brought a bag of rocks home and forgot to label which rock was which? Don’t worry! They’re color-coded. Jerusalem has white limestone. The Sea of Galilee has black basalt. The smooth ones came from the Jordan River or Valley of Elah. The rough ones came from the desert. The others? Just make it up. Who’ll know?

4. Organize your thoughts, photos and video as quickly as possible. The next time you’re presenting the story of Jesus spending time in the wilderness, it would be very helpful if you knew where to find your notes or photos!

3. Do not wear that Dead Sea T-shirt after you washed it. It shrank. You didn’t. Give it to the next child you see. Again, your audience will thank you.

2. Don’t just share your photos. Share truth from the Bible, and use your photos or stories to supplement your sermon, lesson or small-group discussion.

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