The Bible’s advice: Success has a price tag

Discipline of success

Open the Bible’s collection of wisdom statements and you’ll find this gem at the very beginning of the book of Proverbs.

These words are provided, says the introduction, for those who would acquire “the discipline for success.” (Proverbs 1:3, New JPS)

Success is no accident. Success is a direct result of a disciplined life.

The successful business executive? The key to the corner office wasn’t handed over easily. It took years of education and experience, early-morning routines and an all-out assault on every work week to reach the top.

The popular entertainer? The musicians learned the scales, the actors memorized their lines and the comedians studied the masters. More than likely, it took years to prepare for a few moments in the spotlight.

There’s a Teacher of the Year in the school closest to your home. Whoever he or she is, the title wasn’t given to an undisciplined educator. There were lesson plans made, conferences attended and extra books read. Far from being an accident, success came at the cost of high discipline.

Some parents seem to raise incredible children. Was it luck … or was it a planned approach that included careful scheduling, clearly-communicated accountability and modeled integrity? The successful parent is the parent who loves his children enough to give them boundaries, encouragement and the grace to keep trying. Such an environment won’t come by accident!

Have you ever watched the changing of the guard at Arlington National Cemetery? Think the honor of being a part of that prestigious guard came without the highest devotion of discipline?

Of course not. Discipline and success are forever linked.

With discipline, the diploma is within reach.

With discipline, an addiction is trashed.

With discipline, a marriage is protected, cherished and celebrated.

With discipline, you can become the person you always knew you could be.

Here’s an idea. Spend five minutes a day for the next 31 days reading one chapter of Proverbs a day. You might be surprised at how many gems of wisdom are waiting to be discovered … or rediscovered.

It’ll take discipline to pull it off, but then again, that’s the only road that leads to success!