The king of disappointing illusions

Dead Sea_0420 copy 2

The Dead Sea today has a spa-like environment around it. Bathers come to the area hoping the mineral-rich environment will help them with skin diseases.


At first glance, a lot of things look appealing before they disappoint you.

The Dead Sea is the king of first-glance disappointments.

Part of its powerful illusion is the great desert that surrounds the Dead Sea. For miles and miles and miles in all directions, a rocky desert dominates the landscape. At the center of all that hot, rocky soil lies a 31-mile long, 9-mile wide lake.

At first glance, that much water in such a dry and thirsty land looks like a dream come true!

This is where your thirst will finally be quenched! This is where your body and mind will be refreshed! This is where you can finally cool off!

Pity the desert hiker who doesn’t know the illusion of the Dead Sea. Pity the thirsty man who runs to the shimmering lake thinking he’s finally found everything he ever wanted.

Dead Sea_0412 copy

The dead Sea is typically eight times saltier than ocean water. All of the lake’s shorelines are saturated with salt!

Instead of quenching your thirst, the salt-saturated water of the Dead Sea will actually increase your desire for water! The more you drink, the more your body will need the water it needs!

Instead of refreshing you, the salty water will find any cut on your body and set it on fire. Accidentally splash it in your eyes and you’ll cry for hours!

Instead of cool waters, you’ll usually find warm waters. Sometimes it reminds me of the world’s biggest bathtub filled up with used bathwater.

No doubt about it … the Dead Sea is the king of disappointing illusions!

It’s also an excellent illustration for the dangers of temptation.

The world’s illusions come in all shapes, sizes and personalities. Follow the tempting choices of the enemy and you might wind up with a broken heart, an empty wallet and/or a life-long addiction.

Give in to what you know is wrong and you’ll have to deal with the morning-after guilt. Instead of satisfying your needs, sin leaves you desperately looking for a solution to new problems.

I’ve noticed that return travelers to the Dead Sea rarely float in its waters. In a sense, most of them have said, “Hmm … been there, regretted that.”

Next time you see your favorite temptation flashing its brightly colored invitation to take a swim in its appealing waters?

Remember the Dead Sea.

And stay out of those waters!