“This was amazing …”

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When Pastor Andy Cook visits churches, schools, university campuses, prisons, businesses and home Bible study groups, people learn to expect an amazing experience.

We shouldn’t be surprised that people enjoy “Experience Israel Now” presentations. After all, we’ve all heard the excitement from people who’ve actually visited the land of the Bible. When people return from a trip to Israel, they can’t stop talking about the way the “Bible came to life” for them, or how they simply call it the “trip of a lifetime.”

Unfortunately, only one percent of the people in the average church will ever make it to Israel or any of the other countries where biblical events took place. That’s why EIN “brings Israel” to audiences everywhere! Using virtual-tour technology, Pastor Andy is able to teach the same lessons in any environment that he also teaches while leading tour groups in Israel. There is no other ministry quite like this one … anywhere.

Each year, EIN holds an end-of-the-year campaign to help keep the ministry going. This year’s $30,000 goal represents about 20 percent of the annual costs of bringing the images from the land of the Bible to audiences everywhere.

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