Train of His Robe

More than likely, you already love Isaiah 6. Among Bible readers, who hasn’t reveled in the glorious sound of “Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty?” Here’s a reason to love it even more.

Isaiah’s vision of God came when he was in desperate need of knowing God was still in charge. The king was dead. His people felt unsettled. And he was called to be God’s primary spokesman!

In that hour of personal distress, Isaiah said something incredible happened.

“I saw the Lord, high and exalted, seated on a throne, and the train of His robe filled the Temple!”

When I think of “the train of his robe,” I’ve only got one reference point. It’s the train on a wedding dress. When Isaiah saw the “train of his robe,” he saw something completely different. 

Isaiah spoke and wrote in Hebrew, of course, and the word used for “train” is better translated “hem,” or “corners.”

All Jewish men wore outer robes in Isaiah’s day, and on the bottom of those robes were “fringes.” The “hem” wasn’t smooth. It was rough. If you’ve seen a modern Jewish prayer shawl, it’s a reminder of the days of fringed outer garments.

The fringes of each garment then – as would be the case now – were unique. Sometimes they were even used to mark legal agreements. A fringe could be pressed into clay, forming a unique mark. If a check needed to be made later on the legality of such a “signature,” the fringes would be pressed again and compared.

The fringes became important for a spiritual reason. As men prayed, they touched their fringes. The hem of a holy man’s garment, therefore, became connected with his prayer life.

Remember the woman who touched the hem of Jesus’ garment? She knew Jesus to be a man of miraculous prayer. She needed a miracle. It made perfect sense to her to reach for the fringes of Jesus’ outer garment!

In Isaiah’s vision, the train of God’s robe – God’s fringes – filled the Temple.

The message?

He’s still here. You may be troubled, but God is still on His throne.

You may feel far away from God, but He’s still close enough to touch.

Miracles are still possible … and our holy, perfect God is ready to provide what you need, right now.

Reach for Him. Trust Him.

And like Isaiah, be ready to be overwhelmed.

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