Trips to Israel

Ready to take the trip of a lifetime? Come to Israel with us!

Experience Israel Now offers two kinds of trips.

Our “hiking” trips are for the more adventurous and include a daily dose of strenuous hiking, climbing, caving, swimming and exploring. Our next hiking trip is set for early June, 2022, hosted by Second Baptist Church. Click here to learn more!

The non-hiking, “traditional” trips aren’t as physically demanding, yet they capitalize on the same life lessons of the hiking trips. Our next Traditional Trip is scheduled for late April, 2022! Click here for details!

Watch the video on this page to see what travelers on our previous trips have had to say about both kinds of EIN trips to Israel. And even on our traditional trips, we’ll have a few optional hikes for travelers up for a challenge.

When we give you a price for a trip, everything is included. There are no hidden “day excursions on EIN trips. We will not ask you for a tip at the end of the journey. We will provide lunch, bottled water and even health insurance for our travelers. You’re responsible for a passport, your own souvenirs, and optional trip interruption/cancellation insurance. If you buy an ice cream along the way or pick up a sandwich in the airport, that’s also on you. Otherwise, this is truly an all-inclusive trip.

Click here to access the latest anonymous surveys from our most recent groups. The opinions of these travelers will give you insight, advice and an unbiased look at EIN tours. They’ll even suggest how much cash to taking along for souvenirs and incidentals!

Our itinerary for each trip is built around flexibility and opportunity. Our trips include time in the heartland of Judah, around the Dead Sea and Judean Wilderness, all around (and even on) the Sea of Galilee, along the coast of Israel, and of course, in Jerusalem and Bethlehem. We’ll provide study notes, tips for traveling and scripture assignments for all travelers. 

What’s different about an EIN trip to Israel? We want to see the land of the Bible the way the people of the Bible saw it. Just around the corner from the crowds and “traditional” sites throughout Israel are some of the most breath-taking experiences any reader of the Bible would ever want to see. This is where we take our travelers.

If you’re considering a trip to Israel and trying to compare different tours, read the small print carefully. Want advice on a trip you’re thinking of taking? Contact us. We’re more than happy to pass along tips or opinions, whether you ever travel with us or not. And if you’re traveling on your own, here are some helpful hints for maximizing your experience.

Ready to go? You can get some answers to our most common questions by  clicking this linkWatching this video will also be very helpful.

Come to Israel with us!

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