Want to bring Israel to your church?


In the past few days, we’ve taken the Israel-tour experience to Tampa, Savannah, Atlanta and tiny Ambrose Georgia. We love bringing Israel to audiences everywhere.

And with attendance now topping 35,000 in the past 2.5 years, apparently people love Experience Israel Now presentations!

Most — as in 99 percent — of our audiences will never make it to the Middle East to see the land of the Bible for themselves. But in our EIN presentations, the multi-media approach of “bringing Israel” to audiences everywhere is having a phenomenal impact.

In random surveys, we’re finding that people who read the Bible on a regular basis — even on a daily basis — still find what they call “remarkable new insight” to familiar passages after seeing an EIN presentation. Not surprisingly, many of those who see an EIN presentation find themselves seriously considering some kind of life-changing decision based on the challenge from that passage of scripture.

Pastor Andy Cook travels to churches, prisons, schools and businesses sharing what he calls the “secrets” from the ancient paths. These secrets, however, are hidden in plain sight for anyone fortunate enough to travel to Israel … or have Israel come to them.

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