Don’t let fear keep you from the trip of a lifetime!

Group Photo Qumran
Let the conversation drift in the direction of Israel, and someone’s bound to ask, “Aren’t you afraid to go to Israel?”

The answer? “I’m terrified.”

But even as the questioner reels a bit from the answer, there’s one more detail to add. “But once I see New York City in my rear view mirror? I start to relax!”

If you’re considering a trip to Israel, know this: There’s danger in every trip you take. If you’re going to let fear stop you from traveling, then you’re done going to the grocery store.

Every traveler I’ve taken with me to Israel has come home feeling a little sheepish that he ever worried about security in Israel. No matter what kinds of fears she packed before the trip, she came home without nearly so much baggage.

Israeli security is the best in the world. Tourists are big business with every people group in Israel. The buses we use are well marked, well protected, and well loved. Even during times of conflict, tourists are still exploring the land of the Bible.

Whether you go with EIN or another group, if you’d like to see Israel for yourself, by all means … go!

And if you’re still frightened? Take comfort. You get extra points for dying in Israel!

Next year … in Jerusalem!