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Next year, celebrate Easter at your church … and leave for Israel the next day!

My heart is so full today!

Before sunrise today, the bookmark in my Bible took me to a question in Isaiah 66. “Can a country be born in a day or a nation be brought forth in a moment?” (Isaiah 66:8)

Why has our generation been the one generation of history to see this amazing, prophetic question answered? Why are we the ones given such a blessing? For the modern-day state of Israel was indeed born in a day and created in a moment just 68 years ago. A collection of nations decreed it so — also just as Isaiah had promised — and the world has watched this tiny nation flourish despite being surrounded by her enemies.

Tonight I’ll return to Israel with another group of travelers. We’ll walk the land of the Bible just as our spiritual ancestors did. We’ll see the same hills, rivers, desert and ancient stones they saw. We’ll be immersed in Jewish and Middle Eastern culture and become covered in the dust of our rabbi.

If my prayers are answered, none of us on this trip will come home the same.

Another reason my heart is full today?

We’re ready to announce our first trip of 2017!

We’re headed to Israel the day after Easter next year on an 11-day adventure that promises to be very, very special. This April 17-27 tour will be one of our “traditional” tours. We’ll take advantage of all the great secrets we’ve learned on our hiking tours, but we’ll skip the long hikes.

Want to learn more about all of our trips? Click here.

And whatever else you do today, read Isaiah 66:8 and thank God that your eyes have seen the fulfillment of prophecy!

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